New Enjoy Limousine

New Enjoy Limousine

Offering outstanding bus quality, New Enjoy operated 2 Limousine cars to transfer tourists from Hanoi to Sapa and vice versa. Being well-appointed with modern facilities, New Enjoy Limousine will bring tourists unique experiences for a long journey to reach the most favorite destination in Vietnam.


New Enjoy Limousine offers a maximum of 9 luxury soft seats to create a spacious and airy space for customers. Offering luxury interior and modern amenities such as LED TV, Wi-Fi, electricity sockets, cup holder, transport insurance, and English speaking guide, New Enjoy Limousine has pleased a great number of customers.

+ from Hanoi: Pickup from 6h30Am,7h00am,7h30am in All hotels in Hanoi Old Quater to Sapa Hotels

+ from Sapa : Pickup at 14h30,15h00 in all hotels in Sapa Town to Hanoi Hotel

new enjoy limousine sapa
New Enjoy Limousine


- 1 bottle of water, Wifi and transport insurance.

                                 Email Booking 24hNewenjoylimousine@gmail.com

                                                      Hotline : +84 9 8587 3537

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